Health promotion of the older adult

The project objectives underline the articles included in this special issue. The Established Populations for Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly trial examined the use of vitamins C and E supplements in an elderly 67— years population; the decrease in coronary mortality in the group using supplements that were not part of a multivitamin preparation was significant and confirmed observations noted in younger subjects Department of Health and Human Services.

Health promotion is an important focus in the present health care environment. HPRC investigators described real-world experiences of implementing these programs in several articles in Preventing Chronic Disease. Lowering relative risk for coronary mortality may include approaches other than reducing total dietary fat intake, and dietary supplements are the newest intervention for prevention or relative risk reduction of coronary heart disease.

Emotional distress can be both a catalyst for and a saboteur of change; hence, it needs to be managed successfully to encourage behavioural change and maintenance of that change.

Health promotion for older people: not business as usual

Depression must be treated before any other interventions are instituted. HPRC provides technical assistance to adopters of the program to help facilitate program implementation.

Although antioxidant vitamins may have documented chemoprotective effects, the unanswered question is whether a balanced diet that is high in vitamin-rich fruits, vegetables, and other foods can be as effective Studies indicate that there is a benefit to health promotion and a reduction in health care costs for those who are willing to make changes 16 In older adults there are many factors that can be assessed through screening protocols.

Elderly people are — for example — more likely to suffer from loneliness and social isolation. Metabolic rate decreases with age, and body fat increases proportionally 60 61 ; increased body fat and obesity are risk factors for chronic diseases heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

Dietary restriction of some spices, organ meats and alcohol has proven helpful in controlling gout. Screening for fasting plasma glucose levels in high-risk individuals should be performed in people over the age of There is some reluctance to develop health promotion programs for older adults because of a perception that older adults will not follow such plans or change their lifestyles.

A qualitative study in primary health care. The prevalence of certain lifestyle issues is also higher among the elderly. Ann Readapt Med Phys, ; Requiring the elderly to radically change their diet and start exercising was perceived as disturbing to their peace and wellness.

Health promotion targeting older people

The project seeks to develop new knowledge on proven and cost-effective methods of health promotion targeting elderly population. Meier C, Kraenzlin ME. Type II, adult-onset diabetes might be adequately controlled through diet and exercise, but certain cases may require drug intervention.

Joint stiffness also is found in patients with fibromyalgia, although no damage is found in joints themselves. The American Heart Association AHA Step 1 diet is generally recommended, but for such a regimen to be successful in elderly individuals, the diet must be easy to follow and nutritionally adequate.

Health promotion for older people: not business as usual

Clinical, functional and biological assessments, including evaluation of social and behavioral factors, are important components in the evaluation of older patients. Resources for Promoting Health and Wellness in Older Adults In addition to senior centers, many recreation departments offer programs designed specifically for older adults.

Before that, it was commonly assumed that the older generations were not a good target for health promotion as it was thought it was too late to change their lifestyle. Chronic illness can be prevented and slowed by well-crafted physical and mental fitness regimes. Understanding and Improving Health.

Recent evidence shows that older individuals, including those over age 70, do want to be involved in health promotion through patient education and counseling. Reduction of sodium, saturated fat and alcohol also is recommended. Mental fitness is as indispensable to well-being as physical conditioning.

Prevention of pathological aging by comprehensive clinical, functional and biological assessment. These effects persisted at one year after the study.

The question remains as to whether treatment to lower cholesterol is reasonable for elderly individuals. Health promotion interventions can take different forms, from small projects to large national programs. Prevention of pathological aging by comprehensive clinical, functional and biological assessment.

Maintenance of acceptable levels is more easily achieved in people of normal body weight.Promoting the health of older adults is not simply a matter of taking existing guidelines and extrapolating them.

This author tells you what's recommended for this age group. Hypertension, cholesterol, hearing, vision, diabetes, and cancer screening are well integrated into health promotion programs; nutrition promotion programs are not as well integrated. Reluctance to develop health promotion programs for older adults exists because of a perception that they would not follow such plans or change their lifestyles.

Older Adult Health Promotion

Sep 05,  · Health promotion targeted to older people differs significantly from that addressing younger generations.

This partly stems from the fact that the health of older people is generally less than perfect [ 2 ].

Health Information for Older Adults

Older Adult Health Promotion CURRENT STUDIES Physical Therapists Recommending EnhanceFitness to Expand Reach (PT-REFER): HPRC is partnering with the national YMCA on a five-year core research project. Our materials are designed to assist health professionals in learning about and engaging in activities of CDC's Healthy Aging Program and The Healthy Brain Initiative to promote independence and wellbeing.

Access general health information for older adults. Health Promotion The Lifescape Health Promotion program offers highest level, evidence based workshops designed to promote the health and independence of older adults.

Workshops consist of a variety of group activities and cover a wide range of topics.

Health promotion of the older adult
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